Whine Wednesday: Luxury Collection Stay Credit Shot Into Pieces After Overnight Transition To Marriott’s MARSHA System


Our weekly Whine Wednesday series is about a stay credit from The Athenee Luxury Collection Hotel in Bangkok where I stayed for four nights last week and which transitioned to Marriott’s MARSHA system during my second night there.

MARSHA stands for Marriott Automated Reservation System for Hotel Accommodations (reservation system) and slowly all new hotels that were former SPG brands now roll over to the new platform as well.

I already suspected something was up when on the second day of my stay all the stay details suddenly disappeared from the SPG app so I contacted the club lounge staff to inquire what’s up with that.

It was then that I was informed that The Athenee did change their systems to MARSHA last night and that there shouldn’t be any problems for the guests and that the stay would credit in a broken up way, one credit for the amount of nights until the change to place and a second credit for the remainder of the stay.

The hotel then also printed me two invoices which I told them isn’t practical as I need to invoice it as one complete stay. They then manually created a folio for me post stay which at least took care of that matter.

It didn’t take long however to notice that something else was up when I looked at the stay credits on the account.

As I stayed from the 9th until the 13th of December the stays were credited as:

  • 9-10 DEC 6,079 points (1 night)
  • 11-13 DEC 10,800 points (2 nights)

The night from the 10th to 11th is completely missing and even though the hotel cc’d me in an email to Marriott’s service center in Kuala Lumpur hasn’t been corrected or recovered yet.

I wouldn’t even chalk this up as part of the general merger issue but rather a giant IT snafu that can happen to any hotel if it decides to make changes to the reservation system overnight. There will be some effect on guests who have multi-night stays despite all the assurances of the hotel staff.

Irrespective of the missing night for this particular stay, my SPG status also hasn’t been extended at this point even after exceeding the 25 required legacy brand stays. When questioning Marriott or SPG about that they won’t say boo.


How can one night simply vanish from the existence of the reservation system? Maybe I should just ask to have that night refunded then since I apparently wasn’t there.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that there are some problems with the system transition but the way this is being handled in a fashion that the guest notices it on the invoice and later the loyalty credit is just incredible. Oh yeah, when I complained about this I once again got an email from SPG that I should call their call center as they can’t authenticate emails sent to them.

And yesterday John wrote about Marriott’s rather condescending Christmas / New Years email to customers.