Reader Email: Hilton Honors Status Downgraded To Gold Despite 84 Nights In 2018?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us an email today with an interesting problem with Hilton Honors. His status was just downgraded to Gold despite 84 nights in 2018 alone!

Reader Question Hilton Honors Status Downgrade

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Not sure if your other readers have encountered this. I am a long standing Diamond Member with Hilton. I made a reservation today and received the attached email saying my benefit level was Gold – even though it also says I also need 0 nights to reach Diamond. The Diamond line says yes that my account has been downgraded to Gold but they have no explanation as to the reason, as they can see I’ve stayed 84 nights in 2018 thus exceeding the 60 night threshold for Diamond level. My online Hilton Honors account also reflects this same information now. Its troubling of course because of the potential to affect upgrades etc.

Update: The second call I just received from Hilton says this downgrade was done by “default” and did not affect just me. They are trying to correct it they say.

I’m sure I will resolve this myself – just wasn’t sure if you saw something really broad/systemic occurring here with Hilton Diamond Members (ala the Marriott/Starwood debacle)?

Hilton Honors changed the back end system that runs the loyalty program at the end of October and there has been quite a few issues ever since. New ones appears to pop up like the status downgrade that the reader has just experienced.

It would be important if Hilton Honors could sent a note to affected members that their status really is Diamond that could then be presented to hotels. Gold members are not eligible to lounge access and Diamond members get better upgrades.


It would be interesting to hear if other readers have experienced this status downgrade problem with Hilton Honors recently? Could be that it affects number of members.

I really hope that Hilton Honors could get the system up and running smoothly. It has not been as disastrous as the Marriott/SPG IT merger back in August but irritating to affected members regardless.