Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Changes In January 2019


Hertz today announced changes to its Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter program that will take effect in January 2019.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Changes 2019

There are quite a few changes from Five Star and President’s Circle bonus increases to lowering the enrollment age from 21 to 18.

You can access Hertz’ page for the changes here.

Here are the changes:


Infrequent Hertz renters should watch out for the points expiration change from 24 months to 18 months of inactivity. Elite members will earn higher bonus but some activation and 15th rental bonuses are eliminated.

Not sure about the higher requirements for Five Star status considering that you can get it through many hotel or airline loyalty programs (President’s Circle too).

At least all adults can soon be members once the enrollment age has been lowered to 18 from 21.

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