Reader Question: EVA Air Frequent Flyer Program Changed SAS Earning Ratio Post Ticketing – What to Do?

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Today we have a Reader Question from someone who is a member of Eva Airways Infinity Mileage Lands and was affected by the program cutting down earn rations after he bought his tickets on SAS.

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Frequent Flier Programs often reverse their earning and spending charts which can hit the members in the face if they purchase their tickets in advance and rely on it for status earning strategy or general mileage accrual.

Frederick from Chicago writes:

I’m a member of EVA AIR MileageLands and frequently use SAS in low fare coach to fly to Europe while most or all of my Asia travel is on EVA in Business.

For my Christmas trip I just realized that EVA has reduced the earnings for booking class E + O to zero effective 1 December 2018. Previously it was 100% and I will miss qualifying for the top tier status because of this.

I have bought my tickets in March, well before they announced this. Can I do anything?

You can access the EVA Air earning chart for all airlines here.

I have checked their chart and indeed they have eliminated earnings for these two booking classes entirely:

The problem with this is that programs can change their earning structure at will and the ticketing date is often not being taken into account.

It doesn’t hurt to ask the airline or the respective program about an exception but if they decline then there is pretty much no recourse and indeed the customer would miss out on the miles and all benefits that would come from them.


Someone who buys tickets long in advance should always be prepared that these earning ratios can change and if a program is fair then they will announce such changes far ahead or allow exceptions for previously booked ticket (Lufthansa did the same and honored tickets booked prior to the cut off date per the old earning conditions).

I’m not at all experienced with EVA Air’s program and the customer service they have, maybe one of the readers who actively collects with them can add in the comments how much of a change the customer has in this case. I wouldn’t expect all to much though.