Pay Attention When Using Bangkok’s Taxis


There are probably a few horror stories involving Bangkok taxis amongst our readers and I have covered my own experiences about this topic before.

Bangkok Taxis

We had a bunch of people in Bangkok over the New Years and encountered the usual refusal of using the meters (just walk out) and one driver with a hot meter.

A friend of mine was quoted a rate of 300 THB from the St. Regis to Four Points (should be 100 THB or less). She walked out from the cab. Next driver had a hot meter. The rate had suddenly jumped from 35 THB to 147 THB.

Earlier when I was at the W, the cab was quoting a rate (they are all supposed to use the meter) that was double to Emporium over a metered one. Walked out.


I could swear that they position these prayer flowers in a way that allow the driver to play around with the meter. Whenever I come across with this kind of setup (cab from a St. Regis to the airport), I always pay extra attention.

The situation getting around in Bangkok has worsened since Uber decided to exit the market and took a stake in the crappy Grab whose prices are higher than regular cabs, service non-existent and driver quality terrible. There is a need for a quality player in the market and hopefully one enters soon.

For couple of years, I mostly used Uber and didn’t need to deal with the taxis (most drivers are honest though).