Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions Update January 2, 2019 (Hampton Inn Hotels In China Now Participating)

Hilton Honors has updated the terms and conditions governing is guest loyalty program effective January 2, 2019.

Hampton Inn China

There are only two changes this time of which one affect those that travel to China and other that partake to partner promotions.

You can access Hilton Honors T&Cs here.

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1. Hampton Inn hotels in China now Hilton Honors participating

Hampton Inn brand in China was previously excluded from Hilton Honors participation. This has changed effective yesterday. Hampton Inn hotels in China are now fully participating.

2. No promotional miles for award stays

Members will not earn promotional miles during a full points Reward Stay (even if there are incidental charges applied to the room during this type of stay).

Hilton Honors may still have promotional campaigns with airlines that award miles in addition to points like the very good campaign they had with Lufthansa. Hilton Honors has now clarified that promotional miles do not apply for award stays even if you have small incidental.


Not sure why the Hampton Inn brand has been excluded from Hilton Honors participation previously but the issue has now been resolved.

The earning promotional miles for award stays is merely a clarification. You usually earn bonus points for them (flat number per stay like for the current offer), however, but that doesn’t apply for miles.