Watch Out For Lufthansa Flight Delays & Cancellations Due To Munich Snowmageddon January 4 – 6, 2019

Lufthansa is facing challenging conditions at its Munich hub this weekend due to heavy snowfall and is expected to cancel number of flights.

Lufthansa A380

The airline has already released customer advisory and rebooking guidelines on its website.

You can access Lufthansa’s page for flight information here.

Here’s the information up as of Friday:


You have to keep in mind that Lufthansa is required to provide duty to care per EC 261/2004 even in a case of heavy snowfall for displaced passengers such as accommodation, meals and phone cards. They do not, however, need to provide cash compensation due to delays.

They should rebook affected passengers at the earliest opportunity even on other airlines. They will likely try to minimize costs and automatically on rebook on Lufthansa Group.