Tokyo-Haneda Airport Security Check Line Is Clamping Down On Fast Track Users: Premium Passengers Have To Use Regular Lane If Not Airlines Own Elite Member


The security lineups at Tokyo-Haneda Airport have gotten much longer again and the airport operator TIAT is now clamping down on who is allowed to use the fast track.

Basically the only passengers allowed to use the Fast Track lane at the operating airlines own top tier Elites and First Class passengers – Business Class and alliance elites go to the regular lane.

Apparently this rule has been around for quite some time and I’ve just never been rejected by the staff guarding the lane when flying Japan Airlines from Haneda.

During the last 5 years I probably had about 40 flights ex Haneda and used the Fast Track every single time so I was certainly surprised when the lady standing there said it wasn’t available for JAL Business Class and oneWorld Emerald’s that are not BA.

There is a large board that actually outlines what and who is eligible. I took a picture of it but seems like it didn’t store properly, sorry about that – I’ll take another one next month. Essentially what it lists are the top tier levels of most airlines flying out of Haneda and their First Class passengers

The two home carriers ANA All Nippon Airways & Japan Airlines describe it on their website as well and even the mid tiers are eligible for access.

Here is the ANA explanation and eligibility:

Japan Airlines also allows their mid tier elites to use the fast track:

Business Class passengers without any of the listed status levels as well as frequent flyers on an airline other than their own will not receive fast track privileges at Haneda.

In fact, Fast Track security is listed as oneWorld Emerald benefit but only at select airports:

Fast Track through security at select airports

We know your time is precious and you would rather be in one of the over 600 oneworld lounges rather than waiting in line at airport security. That is why, at select airports worldwide, our member airlines have arranged for oneworld Emerald frequent flyers to access the ‘Fast Track’ or ‘Priority Lanes’ at security check points. See below for details and the list of airports where this privilege is available.

The page only lists Tokyo-Narita Terminal 2 but not Haneda where everything is run by the airport operator TIAT. Facilities at Haneda are extremely limited. There isn’t even a Priority Pass lounge or dining option at Haneda.

Let’s see if this becomes a permanent feature (nuisance) or if it somewhat depends on the person manning the security line. As I said so far I haven’t had a single problem using that lane.


I fail to see the rationale behind this system, pampering elite passengers in Economy Class and neglecting booked non-status (or foreign status) Business Class customers. This system is prone to get people riled up especially when the line is extremely long.

When I went back to the JAL First Class counter to complain about this they offered to just send me through the crew lane which happened just like that. I remember Thai Airways did the same by default with an escort provided from the counter to the immigration counters.

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