One Last Round Of United Club Passes For Hyatt Globalist Members Who Re-Qualified In 2018


World of Hyatt has sent out their new membership cards for 2019 and Globalist members had – for the last time – two United Airlines Club Passes included in the membership package.

Before discarding of the letter you should go through it and take the vouchers out even though keeping the physical card is rather useless.

Providing an actual card during check-in at hotels is pretty much never required as the number and status is on file for all reservations already and even if not almost all programs offer a proper mobile application and/or a digital card to download into your wallet.

This is the very last time United Club Passes will be distributed as Hyatt has discontinued this benefit as I previously wrote.

In fact I’m surprised that they were even included in this years renewal membership kits but there was likely a surplus in stock and I estimate the vast majority of them ain’t going to be used anyway.

At least this year the expiration date of the Club Passes is December 31st 2019 and not June like the ones Hyatt sent out last year.

According to an email Hyatt sent out in 2018 “Starting January 1, 2019 Globalist members will no longer receive two United Club one-time passes upon achieving Globalist status.” so all those members who qualified before that should be getting their passes.


I guess for those who can use their United Club vouchers or gift them to friends and family it’s a welcome perk that’s available one last time. Other than that I really believe that plenty of these passes will waste away at home, land right away in the waste basket or find their way to Ebay.

Last year I talked to one of the United employees at the San Francisco Club who said she hasn’t seen one of these passes for months and that’s coming from SFO which is a United Hub.