UPDATE: Marriott Rewards & SPG Choice Benefit Selection Under “Maintenance”


Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) launched Choice Benefit-award first to those that reached 50 nights and later introduced second option at 75 nights. Members could choose from variety of gifts from Suite Night Awards (SNA) to free night certificates.

Marriott Rewards Choice Benefit Maintenance

Marriott Rewards introduced this to the combined program this year and changed the gift options that members could choose when reaching 50 and 75 nights (read more here). Members originally had until January 14 to make their selections or Marriott would choose the SNAs by default.

You can access Marriott’s page for Choice Benefit here.

The problem that our readers have faced since January 1st is that the the page has not allowed them to make the selection. Later, Marriott updated the page to be under “Maintenance”.

Now, Marriott has communicated that they will be an extended deadline for selecting the Choice Benefit. It is, however, unclear what this date is because it appears that Marriott Rewards is not sure when they can get this functionality back online.


It is unfortunate that we are going from one issue to another with this program merger ever since the August 18th.

Let’s hope that Marriott can get this functionality back up soon so that members can choose their Choice Benefit(s) for 2018.

One could say that why these members haven’t made their selections earlier? Some may have wanted to wait until the end of the year when they know exactly the number of nights they stayed at for the year as one of the gift options is 5 bonus nights (could be worthwhile for those that are close to 75 nights and Platinum Premier status).