Whine Wednesdays: Ridiculous Onboard Internet Pricing On Iberia – 200 MB For 29,99 Euro


The weekly Whine Wednesday topic this time is about the absolutely insane pricing that Iberia has for their onboard internet service.

Iberia offers several service packages with the largest one being 200 MB for 29,99 EUR which is completely out of touch with anything reasonable on the market.

I had booked the Iberia flight from Madrid to Shanghai with the IberiaPlus miles from the infamous Avios promotion that took place last year and it was actually a bargain at 52,500 miles plus 89 Euro tax in Business Class.

The pricing of the flight should be the only positive note though as far as this Iberia experience is concerned the airport and inflight experience was lackluster at best and the crew was incredibly lazy and unprofessional with the inflight entertainment system also being down for the first 90 minutes of the flight.

But the real surprise was the pricing for their internet on this Airbus A330:

Absolutely impossible that one could really last a “Full Flight” of 13 hours with a 200 MB alotment of data. You probably won’t even last 2 hours of average web browsing and downloading of regular attachments.

There was actually a voucher worth 20MB for 30 Minutes provided to Business Class passengers which lasted me 13 minutes on the cellphone with a few applications such as whatsapp and Facebook running and some emails coming in.


Other airlines such as Lufthansa, American Airlines etc offer an unlimited flat rate of ~ $25 for the entire flight through the T-Net system and the speed is very decent under most circumstances.

The service and pricing model Iberia provides is a complete joke and simply not in touch with what’s available on the market in 2018/2019. How much money is one supposed to spend on this when trying to get at least some work done during the flight?