German Airport Security Staff Strike Tuesday January 15, 2019


Frankfurt airport security staff strike that will take place on Tuesday January 15, 2019 has now expanded to other cities in Germany and includes employees in Hamburg, Hannover, Bremen, Leipzig-Halle, Dresden and Erfurt.


The strikes are expected to take place between 1AM to 8AM local time basically ending the security screening of passengers trying to enter the secure area outside of the airport. Supposedly transit security is not affected in Frankfurt.

This will lead to high number of flight cancellations and Lufthansa has issued rebooking guidelines and requests that passengers do not come to airport during the strike period. If you have bookings with Lufthansa or any Lufthansa Group airlines (Swiss, Austrian and Brussels), you should check your reservation.

Here are the rebooking guidelines issued by Lufthansa (access their piece for travel information here):

Flight schedule disrupted by strikes by Frankfurt security staff on Tuesday, 15. January

Strike by Frankfurt airport security staff


Security staff is seeking pay raises of up to 30% (20 euros per hour). Interesting to see how this will play out. The issue always is that there are so many important employee groups in air transportation and when one of them strikes, it freezes the entire system.

Airlines affected by this strike are required to provide Duty to Care per EC 261/2004 and rebook affected passengers to their final destination at their (passengers’ not the airlines’) earliest opportunity. You probably need to give Lufthansa a nudge to get them to rebook you to a non-Lufthansa or Star Alliance airline but it is possible and required per the EU law.

You should also get accommodation and food vouchers in case of long delays.