Enjoying Hotel Status Benefits After Checkout – Is It Worthwhile To Stay On Property When Departing Late?


Today I’d like to shine a bit of light on a topic that comes up every now and then, especially when having a late flight out: Staying at the hotel beyond your check-out time and still enjoying elite benefits.

Hotels that have a Club Lounge usually allow their top tier guests to hang around and do some work, even enjoy the cocktail hour until the time comes to leave to the airport (there are exceptions though).

Properties that don’t have club lounges usually still have a fitness center, bar/restaurant and a business center that can be utilized which can come in handy to spend a few hours and take a last minute shower before heading out.

As mentioned usually I don’t have any problems with hotels that actually have a club lounge. A year or so ago someone at the Hilton Beijing said I’d have to pay if I wanted to eat some of their ridiculous finger food which was quickly straightened out with management but other than that no problems.

As a frequent guest of the Park Hyatt Tokyo I came to like their facilities a lot and in fact they treat Globalist members quite well there.

The World of Hyatt Globalist Benefits at the Park Hyatt Tokyo are:

  • Upgrade to the best available room (usually a Park View King which I find nice and adequate)
  • Complimentary access to the Club at the Park (including Spa area with Onsen/Sauna/Steam Room)
  • Twilight Time Happy Hour at the Peak Bar from 5:00-9:00pm
  • Waived Cover Charge at the New York Bar on the 52nd floor (applicable to all guests of the hotel)
  • Complimentary Breakfast at Girandole Restaurant or alternatively through Room Service

This is a tremendous value considering the individual charges for each of these services. Especially the Happy Hour option is something that Park Hyatt doesn’t have to provide so it’s a very nice gesture that they do it nonetheless.

A few years ago I had a midnight departure from Haneda Airport and went for a drink at New York Bar and was asked to pay a cover charge as I had already checked out. Again, that was rectified but I later talked to the General Manager and the hotel started to give out Departure Benefit Cards upon request which serves as a voucher for guests to enjoy their benefits after check out time on the day of departure.

Here are some impressions from Park Hyatt Tokyo:

Onsen/Sauna – Club at the Park

New York Bar

Both the spa area and the New York Bar can be utilized after checkout. The small business center next to the reception is fine as well for those who need it.

In general – no matter which hotel it is – I consider it absolutely normal that a paying guest can wait on property and use the facilities until the time for his actual departure has arrived. Especially at a 4-5 Star hotel this shouldn’t even be up for debate.


In the case of Park Hyatt Tokyo it’s Japan and they do want things to go by the book, fair enough. For this purpose the benefit card works perfectly fine and considering late check out for Globalist members is 4pm there are still plenty of hours to kill if one has a midnight departure. Usually I leave midday and maybe come back around 6/7 before going to the airport.

If you have a late departure just tell the hotel during check-in or check-out that you will stay on property and ask where the required facilities are. Should there be a situation where the reception staff gives you trouble just request someone from management which has always lead to the situation being rectified.