Whine Wednesdays: Lobby Sleeping Plan?


This week our Whine Wednesdays feature deals with a new phenomenon that seems to be accepted in some Asian countries, based on the incident that happened in Sweden last year (read more here).

Whine Wednesdays Lobby Sleeping Plan

If you arrive very early or have very late flight, please book your hotel for another night rather than trying to sleep in the lobby like some of the members in the above group in the new Hotel Indigo Phuket recently did.

This was the view when I got to the lobby from the elevator around 10PM. Not sure if this group was waiting to be checked-in the following day or of they were leaving on one the flights to the Mainland that leave between midnight and 4AM.

Why didn’t they book a room for another night where the group members could have properly rested rather than putting up with this in the hotel lobby?


I was scheduled to fly out at 3:50AM on Sunday morning (more of that tomorrow) and obviously booked a room for Saturday night, although left from a hotel right after 1AM.

Sometimes it may sound like a good idea trying to stretch out your trip for almost another day either arriving very early or departing very late but then you have to book hotel room for an additional night rather than trying to camp out in the lobby.

Some reader was trying to rationalize on the Sweden piece that hotels should sell and charge for guests to sleep in the lobby. No. I don’t want to see a group like this when getting in or out from the elevator, hotels want to sell rooms, not napping spaces in their lobbies.