Compensation Clinic: Hyatt House Atlanta/Cobb Galleria


Compensation Clinic-case comes this week from a reader’s stay at the Hyatt House hotel in Atlanta/Cobb Galleria.

Compensation Clinic Hyatt House Atlanta Cobb Galleria

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Here’s what happened:

Recently I have stayed in Hyatt House in Atlanta, GA for 3 days. Paid with points, 5000 per day. On the last day we had a professional carpet cleaning (we got a letter during check-in that carpet cleaning will be on the dates we are staying in the hotel). The problem was that after cleaning, the carpet was not dry and it was very slippery in entire room and bathroom. My kids felt down few time. If I knew I would never book this room.

Do you think I should ask for a compensation for one (or more) day stay?

The hotel should have moved the reader to another room where the cleaning had already took place or would later. I noted that perhaps they should ask for one night refund for the inconvenience.

The reader for back:

They said sorry during check-out. I did not insist on compensation.

Maybe will send email asking for a night refund.

got 5000 points for an inconvenience. Should have asked for more probably.


This is a fair outcome. The hotel or Hyatt’s customer service comped one of the nights.

It would be ideal if you try to deal with compensation such as this on the spot while still at the property. I do understand that it is easier to just shoot an email later rather than to it in person.

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