Hilton Honors Still Counting 2018 Nights?


It is already more than three weeks past the January 1st and February is around the corner. Hilton Honors, however, appears to be still counting our stays and nights from last year to determine status for 2019.

Hilton Honors Tier Tracker 2019

Hilton has some time to get the tracker updated before the 2018 status is downgraded for those that didn’t have enough stays/nights.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Milestones Bonus tracker:

Hilton Honors Tier Tracker 2019 App

The bonus tracker on the app includes the rollover nights from 2018. This does proves that Hilton Honors is well aware on the number of nights consumed last year. Perhaps they have issue on the number of stays?


Let’s hope that Hilton Honors get their act together soon with the backend system update that took place at the end of October. It has been quite chaotic ever since.

This delay on updating the status for 2019 won’t affect anyone before someone could have qualified for 2020 based on stays or nights this year.

The rollover nights should not count towards milestone bonuses, although app does indicate so. Some members have received points this year for reaching 40 nights.