Hilton Honors 2019 Tier Tracker Ready!


Yesterday, I wrote (read more here) how Hilton Honors was still counting 2018 nights three weeks into 2019!

Hilton Honors Account

Seems that Hilton Honors has finally concluded their tabulations and updated the 2019 progress to show the rollover nights from 2018. There do appears to be some mistakes, however.

You can check your status here.

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Remember that you can qualify based on number of stays (30), nights (60) or money spend (120,000 base points). These rollover nights won’t count towards the milestone bonuses that you earn starting at 40 nights, although some have already earned them this year based on nights rolled over from 2018.


Glad that Hilton Honors finally got this sorted out, although it wasn’t affecting members yet before they would have been able to reach higher status this year based on the rolled over nights combined with 2019 ones.

The number of stays that I have for 2019 is incorrect. Hilton shows that I would have had 4 when in fact I have stayed 3 times. Readers may have other mistakes so do check your statements to make sure that these possible snafus are in your favor.