Any Marriott Rewards Lifetime Status Issues?


Marriott Rewards yesterday processed Lifetime Platinum Premier (soon Titanium) statuses to those that qualified under the legacy rules that were in place only for 2018.

Marriott Rewards Lifetime Status

When I wrote a piece yesterday morning (read more here), Marriott had at the time processed the status for my legacy Marriott Rewards account but hadn’t for my SPG one (had qualified under both). Now, the status is correctly applied to both.

You can access Marriott Rewards here.

It would be interesting to hear if readers have noticed any anomalies?

It seems that Marriott Rewards not only processed the lifetime Platinum Premiers but Golds and Platinums during their sweeps yesterday too. Not sure how they correctly counted the Platinum years?


I haven’t combined my accounts and don’t see any reason to do so. Both accounts are for lifetime (mine or Marriott’s).

One reader dropped us a note that he wasn’t sure how he got lifetime Gold status. There could be some anomalies on the combined numbers and I hope that Marriott has erred on the sided of the customer.