United’s Leadership Team Sends A Message To Customers


United Airlines leadership team appears to understand that they have an issue with customer satisfaction (don’t all US legacies?).

United's Message To Customers

Now, United’s leadership has decided to turn the service/experience around and make sure customers feel it (I am starting feel scared at this point – don’t want to get hurt).

Here’s the message from the leadership “team”:

Lots of companies say they care about their customers. We want United customers to feel it. Every customer. Every flight. Every day. At United, we have big ambitions about what we can become, and we know this goal will only be achieved when “business as usual” is transformed into a new standard of caring for our customers.

The opportunity to serve our customers is more than a transaction to us. It’s an interaction. So, in 2019, we’re looking at every aspect of our business to ensure that we keep our customers’ best interests at the heart of everything we do. We’ve already taken steps to deliver on our commitment to caring customer service:

– Starting today – just in time for Sunday’s football game – every passenger on 211 United jets will be able to watch more than 100 channels of live TV for free. Seat back monitors make viewing easy gate-to-gate. This multimillion dollar investment will benefit the 29 million people expected to fly United’s DIRECTV-enabled planes this year.

– Last week, United released a re-imagined version of the No. 1 most downloaded app in the airline industry. With a modern design and more engaging content, the app pushes the most helpful, up-to-the-minute information to the home screen at every step of a customer’s journey, making it much easier to manage travel, from booking to landing.

– We’re investing in modern airplanes that are even more reliable (meaning fewer delays) and more efficient (meaning fewer carbon emissions). We’re also excited about some improvements (which we’ll announce later this year) that will make traveling on them even more comfortable for our customers.

– By the end of this month, every one of our 90,000 United employees will have completed training in the core4 service principles that guide every interaction with our customers: safe, caring, dependable and efficient. These essential values are the foundation of the customer service culture we’re building.

– And we’re putting our money where our mouth is. There are now two ways every United employee earns bonuses: 1) beating our competitors with the best on-time departure performance and 2) improving customer satisfaction.

United’s shared purpose is “Connecting People. Uniting the World.” We – as one United team – have embraced the opportunity to shape the culture of caring customer service that we want United to be known for. It won’t happen overnight, but we’re more confident than ever that we’ll get there.

As an airline, we’ve embarked on a journey that will reveal the character of our people and our passion for customer service. We invite you to join us on board.

– The United Airlines Leadership Team

  • Oscar Munoz, CEO
  • Scott Kirby, President
  • Toby Enqvist, Senior Vice President, Chief Customer Officer
  • Kate Gebo, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Labor Relations
  • Brett J. Hart, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel
  • Greg Hart, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
  • Linda Jojo, Executive Vice President of Technology and Chief Digital Officer
  • Gerry Laderman, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Andrew Nocella, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer


Why United dropped the ball and decided not to take care of its customers years ago and now they suddenly have these big ambitions (yet again) to become customer centric organization. Didn’t they go through this in the 2000’s when they hired the lady from Disney? What happened?

It is easy to do the talk but rather difficult to do the walk and implement the processes and empower employees to put the customers first.

I would just file this in the marketing messages file until I see some concrete changes (wouldn’t hold my breath).