Hilton Honors Mystery 5,000 Bonus Points


Many Hilton Honors (myself included) had this weekend 5,000 bonus points posted to their account for “2019 Visa Platinum APAC – Instant Silver Honors Status – 5K Bonus First Stay Offer”.

Hilton Honors Visa

The problem was that the bonus posted for stays outside of Asia Pacific, although mine was in Japan, Diamond members and those paying using other payment methods (I used Amex).

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Here’s the posting:

Hilton Honors Points Activity Detail

I did register and participate to this one Hilton Honors and Visa promotion in late 2018 in Asia Pacific (read more here) that awarded members double points.


Just weird promo that really shouldn’t have posted as far as I can tell but I always take some bonus points regardless.

This promo must be tied to the Visa Asia-Pacific offer at the end of 2018 that we wrote about here. There is an Amex offer for instant Hilton Honors Silver status going on (read more here) but cannot find a landing page for Visa Platinum.