Reader Question: Hilton Be My Guest-Certificate?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question about the use of Hilton’s Be My Guest-certificate that are issued by corporate for unresolved hotel issues (and sometimes for special promotions).

Hilton Be My Guest

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have two (!) Hilton be my guest certificates (long-story). I was going to use them at the Vegas Waldorf. I tried to call and make a reservation and they said the “be my guests” are not honored at the luxury brands which obviously it doesn’t state anywhere on the certificate. I figured I would make the reservation and then just present both when I checked out.

I asked reader to email us a copy of the cert to see if the wording had changed (it hadn’t):

See attached. I called corporate (without disclosing the certificate number( and they said it had to be used at the same brand it was issued (Hilton) but I see any Hilton Hotel Worldwide and assume that since the Waldorf is a Hilton it should qualify. They wouldn’t have any issue with me going to a doubletree…

I requested clarification from Hilton and here’s the reply from the spokesperson:

In this particular case, the Be My Guest certificate is valid for redemption at Hilton Hotels & Resorts, as it’s a brand-specific certificate. If it was all brands across the portfolio, it would indicate that.


You could definitely argue that Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas (the former Mandarin Oriental) is part of Hilton family of hotels. The certificate just says on the front “at any Hilton Hotel Worldwide”.

I guess that when these are issues for other Hilton brands such as DoubleTree then it would be clearer that they can only be used for that specific line of hotels and not all Hilton hotels.

I have used a similar Hilton-certificate to a stay at The Conrad. I just made a Best Flexible Rate booking and handed the certificate over at the time of checking in. There was no push back from the hotel so I would assume that they got reimbursed for it from Hilton.