Delta & Easyjet Preparing For A Combined Alitalia Bid?


Alitalia, Rome based SkyTeam member airline that filed for bankruptcy in May 2017, has been looking for a new owner for close to two years.

Alitalia Running Out Of Cash

There were reports over the weekend that Air France-KLM had not submitted their bid after a spat between the French and Italian governments. Delta is now looking to invest in the “new” airline with Easyjet.

Here’s an excerpt from Corriere (access their piece here):

An Alitalia with two operating centers (Fiumicino, Malpensa), a strategic direction (in Rome), a fleet with a hundred aircraft and personnel with a new contract, less onerous.

The “new Alitalia” of FS-Delta-easyJet would have two operational bases: Rome Fiumicino, under the management of the Americans, would deal with the long haul, North America and feeder. Milan Malpensa, led by easyJet (which also has its largest base in the country in the Lombard airport), would guarantee connectivity in Northern Italy, would keep current intercontinental routes (New York, Tokyo), but a third of the sections “because overlapping to those of low cost ».


Not sure why any airline would like to invest a penny into Alitalia after the billions burned by Etihad trying to get the airline properly running.

An Italian railway company is looking for the investors but perhaps they ended up being the majority owner of the money losing airline in this national “project”? Shouldn’t sick companies be allowed to collapse rather than burning more taxpayer money trying to rescue them for the umpteenth time?

There are more questions than answers. Cannot believe that this saga with the Alitalia has been going on for such a long time. The Italian government has used more than 7 billion euros to keep Alitalia flying over the past decade or so before this latest bankruptcy.