United Airlines MileagePlus February Mile Play Promo Fly By March 10, 2019

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United Airlines launched last year MileagePlus promo called Mile Play trying to get select members to spend and fly more. They have had these offers every few months and just launch a new one for February.

United Airlines MileagePlus Mile Play February 2019

These promotions are tailored to each member based on his/her recent activity with United. It may require buying more business class tickets or flying certain number of trips before March 10.

You can try your luck registering for this offer here.


United Airlines has run similar offers for years and launched these “Mile Play” promos in early 2018. Seems United decided to gamify this offer more based on the name used.

My account was not eligible for this (never has been) because I moved it to outside of North America few years ago.