Reader Question: Optimal Strategy For World Of Hyatt “Earn Points Faster” Spring Promotion?

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We had a couple of Reader Questions when it comes to the new World Of Hyatt “Earn Points Faster” spring promotion, in particular how to extract the maximum amount of points.

Under the new promotion World of Hyatt members earn 1,000 bonus per night starting from their second stay and an additional nightly bonus of 500 (1,500 total per night) at Hyatt Place and Hyatt House brands beginning February 15th 2019.

One should pay particular attention that the bonus points are triggered only AFTER the first eligible stay under in the promotional period and only if the member has registered properly.

You can access and sign up for this offer on Hyatt’s website here.

Beginning on your second eligible stay, you will receive 1,000 Bonus Points per eligible night at Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide and participating M life Rewards destinations and Small Luxury Hotels of the World hotels. Maximum 50,000 Bonus Points may be earned during Promotion Period.

This means that your first stay – no matter how many nights – won’t trigger any bonus and this is something to be wary about. Another requirement is that the promotion registration closes on March 31st 2019 so it’s vital to complete the registration prior to that.

I have a one week stay in Singapore coming up in early March which is great but I would earn zero points for these 7 nights unless I have another stay before (which I thankfully did – I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong tonight). I’d actually check in at a cheap local Hyatt property prior to my trip in order to “activate” the promotion for such a long stay that earns me 7,000 points. This is something I strongly encourage members to consider especially if there are multi night stays coming up.

John has also written about the promotion yesterday (access here)

Readers have asked how they can take advantage of this promotion, possibly by shifting their stays from other chains to Hyatt while the promotion is running (until May 15th 2019).

The answer to that is that one one should weigh and consider how many points one can actually earn when shifting stays and if this will hurt the long term strategy with other programs which might be status orientated.

For example IHG currently has a promotion going on with targeted requirements (for me it requires 4 stays for a decent amount of points). Would you be able to complete both or do you have to sacrifice completing one promotion for the other? Consider the value for redemption of the earned points as well.

Hyatt allows 50,000 points to be earned from this promotion plus an additional 25,000 through the applicable bonus amounts from staying at Hyatt Place or Hyatt House hotels during Promotion Period.


The 50,000 bonus miles sound a lot but that requires to stay 50 nights so unless you really have such a high stay volume better narrow down the expectation to something more realistic.

Sure you can shift any stay to Hyatt and of course that’s Hyatt’s objective with a promotion – to drive business. But as mentioned one should carefully consider if these nights won’t be missing later in the year to complete a status requirement across all chains. It’s still pretty early in the year though and I consider this promotion rather generous. It might actually be worth it to move more business to Hyatt for this, in particular for high volume travelers.