REMINDER: Makha Bucha Day In Thailand On Tuesday (Dry)

Thailand is celebrating the Makha Bucha Day on Tuesday (February 19, 2019) that is a public holiday.

Erawan Shrine

Tourists should be aware of that many venues including hotel bars and clubs will not serve adult beverages for 24 hour period starting and ending at midnight.

Here’s the note that Grand Hyatt Bangkok has for its guests:

Grand Hyatt Bangkok Letter


Some hotels won’t serve adult beverages even at their club lounges but Grand Hyatt does. Beverages will surely be available at popular tourist spots in Phuket and probably in Pattaya too.

I remember that few years ago some bars in Bangkok were selling alcohol under the table during one of the dry holidays.

Not sure why some hotels continue to pour beverages in their club lounges while others have decided that they cannot?