Whine Wednesdays: United Now Blocking ANA Award Availability In Addition To TG, SQ & TP


United Airlines seems to be back to its old dirty tricks that it mastered in the early 2000’s during both bankruptcies – blocking award space on partners.


Awards on Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines and TAP have now been unavailable for weeks (read more here). ANA was just added to this ever-increasing list of non-award airlines yesterday.

You can access United Airlines here.

Award on these airlines are still available using other Star Alliance frequent flier programs (just testing their websites). It is only United’s unwillingness or inability to pay for award tickets on these airlines that makes them to deny MileagePlus members’ availability to redeem on them due to IT “issues” (read cash).


Seems that the old United has made a comeback. It was fun to see how they randomly block award space on certain weekdays. Now, they have blocked entire airlines (four at the moment), of which three are in Asia.

This just erodes the trust that members have in United and their frequent flier program MileagePlus.

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  1. Living in Perth and bought a chunk of miles just prior to this issue for a planned redemption grrr. Yes, a technical issue to be resolved soon!

        • Use up all the miles that were not part of that purchase though as UA will likely lock down your account. Also you should put Mileage Plus on notice first and demand a refund/reversal of the transaction as they aren’t able to provide you the product fully as advertised when promoting the mileage sale.

          • Thank you, will do. Don’t want to antagonise them, we have used them successfully many times in the past and can only hope that availability comes back .

          • It’s a fair bit of money invested but I’ll put it on hold for a couple of months and see what happens. Thanks for advice!

  2. That isn’t all they have blocked. Try and find one of those 60K J OW or 120K RT awards to Europe, especially one that is direct. Good Luck!!! Most of the available awards are 16-24 hrs long. I will n e v e r book any flight like that. It seems that they have taken most of the available direct award space and rolled it into their wonderful everyday awards, at only 155K OW. Gee, they’re swell! And for some reason people still like them. Thank God I only have a small amount of miles left with them. I used to think that DL’s redemptions were ridiculous, and they are, but at least you can get a direct flight to your destination. UA has now officially surpassed DL in the race to the bottom.

  3. Glad I haven’t renewed the Staralliance Gold with them. Doing the Krisflyer Challenge right now. Never again UA.

  4. Lovely! Thanks god I didnt bank anything into UA after my last redemption back to 2017 (on TG F, which were widely opened for everyday).

  5. I contacted United about this and they said

    “SQ has identified a technology issue on their side and is working to resolve the issue.
    Award availability for SQ has been temporarily removed from united.com until further notice.”

    Is that BS on their part, other pages are able to book, I was forced to use my Miles and More 🙁

  6. So how are these airlines handling United bookings on THEIR own sites…still the same/available or are they blocking out now UAL as well to make a point? Or does United not care if other SA airlines give them the same treatment?


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