Woman Kicked Off JetBlue Flight And Arrested After Spitting On 3-Year Old Child

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A female JetBlue passenger was kicked off her Las Vegas bound flight and arrested after she was filmed and admitted to spitting on a 3 year old girl sitting nearby.

The passenger later also attacked ground staff and resisted law enforcement, resulting in her being restrained in wheelchair and covered with a mask while being hauled off.

Apparently the woman was under the influence and caused a disruption on board the aircraft as well, yelling at other passengers as well as crew members.

USA Today already reported about the incident:

A 32-year-old woman was kicked off a JetBlue flight and arrested in Florida after she spit on a fellow passenger and hit a crew member during an angry rant that began when she discovered she was seated next to a young child, according to police.

The woman, identified by police as Valerie Gonzalez, was removed from the plane, causing the Feb. 14 flight to be delayed for more than two hours.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Gonzalez’s arrest to USA TODAY and said she was released on bond on Feb. 15. She was charged with “touch or strike battery.” …

An incident report from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, obtained by local media, revealed she became agitated when she found out she was sitting next to a child. …

“I’m not sitting next to a (expletive) 3-year-old. I’ve been drinking all day,” she complained, according to the report. She then allegedly moved to a seat that wasn’t her own.

Later in the video, Gonzalez asks if people are taping her and spits on the person in front of her. “Did she just spit on you?” another passenger asks.

“Enjoy yourself in Vegas, babies,” she shouts as she’s escorted off the plane.

The incident report also said she then hit a JetBlue agent on the head, and another passenger claims she hit her on the arm after she didn’t want to switch seats.

Another News Source – Local 10 News – described how the arrest went down:

Authorities said Gonzalez spit at JetBlue employees and responding deputies as she was being taken into custody, but she stopped spitting once deputies requested a spit mask. The mask was not used, but Gonzalez was handcuffed and had leg restraints applied as she was seated in a wheelchair and taken to a BSO vehicle, authorities said.

As of Friday afternoon, Gonzalez remained at the North Broward Bureau jail on a battery charge. [per USA Today report she was released on the 15th]

There is also this video on Youtube showing the entire episode, including the spitting:

Clearly this is a case of someone who should never be allowed on an airplane again for a substantial amount of time. She was apparently released against US$1000 bail awaiting her court date.


Flying is a method of mass transportation and if one can’t cope with that then the best is to go by car or private plane. I’m sure pretty much any frequent traveler has had a seatmate before that made the flight hell and young children are often not a joy to have in the cabin but those passengers purchased their ticket just like everybody else and there is no entitlement to a private, serene environment on a commercial flight.

The behavior of that woman is totally unacceptable! Spitting?? She can be lucky the parents didn’t beat the hell out of her as I’d imagine many would do.