Hilton Executive Lounge Dress Code?


Hotels with executive lounges often have a dress code or age limit that is often communicated on the welcome letter or by the lounge employees.

Hilton Executive Lounge Dress Code

Then you see these placards placed at the lounge reception trying to remind members what the appropriate dress code is or what you should NOT wear.

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The image above is from the Hilton Kuala Lumpur Executive Lounge-reception.


This is really is a business hotel and cannot see that they would have that many “misbehaving” or dressing guests compared to even city hotels in Thailand.

Surprised to see that the they don’t address the children issue on this display? Many hotels won’t allow young kids during the evening cocktail hour and families can enjoy their F&B benefit at some hotel outlet instead.

I think that it is sad that hotels must clearly communicate what is and what is not allowed at their lounges. Should be clear for anyone.