La Quinta Returns Members Should Convert Their Points To Wyndham Rewards By March 31, 2019

Wyndham Rewards made an announcement about changes coming to its program effective April 3, 2019 last week (read more here) and one of them was the integration of La Quinta Returns.

La Quinta Returns To Wyndham

La Quinta Returns is still a separate program but all its members should convert their points into Wyndham Rewards by March 31, 2019 or their value is cut in half. The conversion will change from 1:1 to 2:1 from La Quinta to Wyndham.

You can access La Quinta’s page for the changes here.

Here’s the information that La Quinta has up:

La Quinta Returns To Wyndham Conversion


Not sure why the conversion is devalued by 50% if Wyndham does it when La Quinta program ends instead of the member? I guess that they hope to wipe down the “cash” value on existing accounts on their books that have become dormant.

La Quinta Returns members should match their accounts and move points over to Wyndham Rewards by March 31, 2019 to keep their value intact.

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