Marriott Bonvoy 15 Elite Qualifying Nights From American Express Bonvoy Cards Have Now Posted!


Marriott Bonvoy Members should check out their accounts as the 15 Elite Qualifying Nights from their American Express Cards (and possibly Chase cards too?) have just posted for 2019.

U.S. Credit card customers of the new Marriott Bonvoy products issued by American Express and Chase are entitled to a whopping 15 Elite Nights per year which is a huge advantage.

You can check your Marriott Bonvoy account activity here.

American Express recently announced changes to its SPG card portfolio that moved to Marriott Bonvoy branding effective February 13, 2019 (see John’s article about that here).

I’ve been checking my account frequently the last few days as I still waited for a correction from my recent stay in Bali and just recognized that the credit card EQN’s have posted as well:

The transaction doesn’t show up in the activity panel at all. It just added 15 nights to the total count which is relatively easy to identify as I just had 3 nights YTD with Marriott.

Another really interesting detail is that these nights actually counted towards my lifetime status as well.

A nice little boost towards my 600 nights which no doubt will take me another 4 years at least and who knows what happens down the road. Despite their horrible way of running this merger I think dumping the chain makes no sense for me as I still like certain hotels a lot where I stayed over the years.

Do you have a Chase Marriott Bonvoy Card and can confirm if your nights posted as well?


We got many requests from members in the last two months when the credit card nights will post and even though in the past the nights always posted quite early this year nothing happened which didn’t really surprise me based on the overall merger performance. The fact that Amex just changed their products to the Bonvoy label probably contributed to all this as well.

And now the shocker, as in I say something positive about Bonvoy: With the credit card the program actually got a lot easier, at least for those who used to qualify for Platinum via nights instead of stays. Even so,  35 nights vs 25 stays is possibly even better or, at the very least, more relaxed than hunting single night stays.