Freddie Awards Spam Has Begun: Case Marriott Bonvoy


It is again time for the Freddie Awards and programs have started to spam their members in hope of getting their votes.

Freddie Awards Spam

Some have already receive this email from Marriott Bonvoy hoping to win in six categories despite all the mess over the past six months including the best customer service that is practically now non-existent at times.

Here’s the email that Marriott sent out:

Freddie Awards Marriott Bonvoy


It is my opinion that it probably would have been in Marriott Bonvoy’s best interest not to send something like this out considering how fed up many members are with all the issues,of which some are still on-going,ever since the program merger back in August.

I would assume that many members will cast their votes in a way that is very unfavorable for the hotel group. Personally, I will delete every invitation that I receive.

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