Lufthansa Crew Has Lost Their Marbles: Warning Sign That Customers Neckties Would Be Cut Off Put Up During Boarding!


A Lufthansa Cabin Crew appears to have had a few drinks too many during the annual German carneval season, putting up a sign in the the plane warning passengers that they would cut off their neckties (a German carnival tradition).

I got this picture via email from a reader last night who picked it up at some online Forum or Facebook Group, saying this happened on a German domestic flight ex Hannover (HAJ).

Various parts of Germany are very much the annual Caneval celebration which includes women cutting off men’s ties during the Weiberfastnacht. Rhine River region is especially well known for their caneval enthusiam but one wouldn’t expect such a thing on a commercial flight of Germany’s flag carrier.

Since I don’t know the origin and surrounding discussion of the placard I can just post it as is.

The hand written sign reads:

Dear Guests – ATTENTION – German Weiberfastnacht

Flying into Karneval Region

Due to German Karneval we would cut off your ties today. If you do not want this please TAKE THEM OFF, PLEASE!

Your Crew

What to think about this? One word: Insane!

It’s one thing to engage in this casually while certain cities are in full festivities or at the bar. Sometimes even companies participate in this and men just buy a cheap tie for that purpose alone and that’s all fun and games. Confronting passengers with that on a random domestic flight is over the line however, not just because there are plenty of international customers on board as well.

The sign was attached to the airplane fuselage with a catering sticker (Orange Juice load), identifying the flight as LH048 Frankfurt-Hannover, respectively the return rotation.


I assume that at least the cabin crew including the Purser was in on this. Not sure about the Captain of the flight. I highly doubt that Lufthansa management condones something like this and when contacting a friend who is actually a LH flight attendant she said that this is a complete no go.

I’d really love to hear more about what actually happened on this flight. Maybe someone who flew Lufthansa this week can chime in or we even manage to find the original poster of the picture.

What do you think, does this go too far?