LAST CALL: Marriott Bonvoy Award Category Changes March 5, 2019 + Cat 8 Pricing


On February 8th Marriott Bonvoy announced award category changes that will take place tomorrow (March 5, 2019) along with the seasonal pricing and category 8 pricing that have been available before then at category 7 level.

Scrub Island Resort

There are 258 hotels moving up one category and 37 that will move down. Marriott currently has 6,900 hotels open. Thus these changes affect roughly 4.3% of properties.

You can access Marriott Rewards here.

Here are the changes:

Download (PDF, 84KB)

Number of Properties Moving UP:

Marriott Rewards Award Category Changes 2019 UP

Number of Properties Moving DOWN:

Marriott Rewards Award Category Changes 2019 DOWN


Marriott Rewards did a mini (or major) devaluation when they combined the programs last year. Many lower category properties jumped up significantly in the number of points required while the former SPG top tier hotels came down significantly.

These changes that will take place tomorrow are not major, if you look at the entire Marriott hotel portfolio. They will, however, tend to affect properties at which members love to redeem.

The seasonal pricing along with category 8 will both kick in tomorrow as well. Many of those 60,000 points hotel will cost 95,000 per night come tomorrow.