Akbar Al Baker Reiterates That Qatar Airways Could Announce Oneworld Exit In One To Two Months


Qatar Airways today announced their new economy class product at the ITB Berlin and its CEO Akbar Al Baker again reiterated in the press conference that the airline could announce its exit from the Oneworld alliance in one to two months.

Oneworld Qatar

Qatar Airways applied for Oneworld membership in October 2012 (read more here) and became a full partner on October 30th the following year (read more here).

You can access Qatar Airways here.


At this point Mr. Akbar Al Baker should just either shut up and stay or announce Qatar Airways formal withdrawal from Oneworld. He has started to sound like a broken record.

It seems that this CEO is not used to work within a consortia where he is not the only decision maker and multiple, sometimes conflicting, interest prevail among participants.

He is not fond of Qantas partnership with Emirates where both codeshare each others flights and American Airlines’ animosity towards the ME3.

Qatar Airways is bleeding due to continuing blockage from its neighbors that affects flight routes and access to their markets. I don’t think that abandoning feed and customers from other Oneworld alliance members would make this situation any better.