Bonvoyed & Fake Arne Sorenson Complaint/Parody Accounts


Marriott Bonvoy members have turned the word into a proverb BONVOYED that means negative customer service and program “enhancements” that many have experience ever since the program merger back in August 2018.


Now this word has been turned into a website and there is also parody Twitter account FakeBonvoyArne.

Bonvoyed website (access here):

Bonvoyed Stories

It seems that like this website will air out problems that Marriott Bonvoy members are reporting.

FakeBonvoyArne Twitter account (access here):

Fake Arne Sorenson

There is a long history of these parody CEO accounts that provide sometimes funny commentary about recent developments and “enhancements”.


You don’t usually see complaint websites fired up or parody Twitter accounts for companies and programs that treat their customers and members fairly and with respect.

This parody Twitter account reminds me of that of the former UA CEO that was shown the door.

It is perhaps time for Marriott Bonvoy to address the issues surrounding the customer service, IT and member service issues/failures more seriously than just stating that they are “noise around the edges” as Sorenson stated it?