Hilton Honors IT Issues Continue: Status Downgrades & Bonus Points Removed


Hilton Honors moved to a new loyalty platform at the end of October that was supposed to speed up stay postings (it has) and make running promotions easier (for Hilton).

Hilton Honors Diamond

We have reported about the issues readers have faced  previously including status downgrades (read more here) and I experienced something new last week.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Here are some messages from the readers:

My Hhonors Diamond Status was wrongfully downgraded to Silver due to “Technical issues after systems update”.  – according to hiltonhornors@hilton.com reply. No offer to reinstate my status immediately nor offer me any compensation for the lost benefits during my recent stay at Grand Hilton Seoul.

Note: I only realized my account was downgraded to Silver when I checked in at Grand Hilton Seoul, and have big argument with the check in staff. When I stood my ground, the staff snide that “So you want the Diamond benefits” which I angrily rebuke that it is not I want, It is I am entitled to.

Anyway, I am supposed to stay in Hilton again in Bangkok and Hanoi next week, and I am expecting the same dispute with the check in staff at these hotels, unless my status are corrected.

Another one:

This is an on-going issue as of March 2019. My wife keeps getting downgraded to silver, manually re-upgraded for about a day and then automatically re-downgraded, which means that in order to secure breakfast or other benefits she has to spend about an hour on the phone to someone.

More issues:

We have been Hilton Honors Diamond status since 2016.  We had our 60 nights in 2018, but still have not received the 30,000 milestone bonus points that should have been credited to our account.  I have also filled out the gifting status form 3 or 4 times for a colleague, and have never received a confirmation that the request was ever made.  My colleague has also not received any confirmation.  We are currently on our 35th night in a Hilton Hotel in 2019, and all of a sudden, our account has been downgraded to silver status.  I am not getting satisfactory answers from Hilton customer service, and just wanted to see if there may be other affected by these issues?  I pasted an email response I got this morning from customer service and it just sounds a little crazy.  They will fix the issue by April 1st?  Is that an April Fool’s joke?  Are we just supposed to keep the Silver status until then and miss out on the Diamond benefits?

The issue that I faced last week was the removal of 10,000 bonus points after five stays. The bonus points were just removed from the stay without any indication that they ever were on my account.

They then posted to the next stay I had during the promotional period.

Here’s the reply that I received from the Hilton spokesperson for the status downgrades:

Our implemented updates to the Hilton Honors technology platform are complete with all systems fully up and running. If a Diamond member or any guest has a question or an issue, we encourage them to contact us directly. Our teams are always ready to help out members by resolving any issue accurately and as quickly as possible.


These random status downgrades are not an isolated incident as we have had several readers alerting us about them and they have now been going on ever since the system upgrade.

These issues cannot be “features” of the updated loyalty system that is having some serious programming issues. It is understandable that there can be some issues after program is changed, but more than four months down the road?

I must audit all my stays and nights after the current promo is over to make sure that I have been awarded the correct number of bonus points. Shouldn’t really be this difficult.