Reader Question: Does Marriott Bonvoy Offer Soft Landings?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question that is likely interest to many; does Marriott Bonvoy offer soft landings?

Marriott Bonvoy Soft Landing

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You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

Here’s the question that the reader sent us:

I have a question that others might be interested in as well. Will the new MR Bonvoy program offer “soft landings” if one can not keep their current level?

Titanium–> Platinum

Platinum–> Gold


And here’s the statement from Marriott spokesperson:

As part of annual Marriott Bonvoy review, all Elite members with a status expiration date of February 2019 that did not achieve a higher Elite status OR renew their existing Elite status during 2018 will be downgraded one Elite level.

For instance, if a Platinum Elite member with a status expiration date of Feb 2019 did not meet the criteria in 2018 to renew their Platinum status, they will downgrade to Gold Elite the week of March 4th with an expiration date of February 2020.


Marriott Rewards used to downgrade only one level while SPG didn’t offer any soft landings. Marriott also allowed members who didn’t qualify for the status level they hold to buy it back using points. This was discontinued.

Marriott Rewards also unofficially used some sort of rolling qualification for years and didn’t automatically downgrade even when member didn’t hit the number of nights number. I had high number of nights for several years in mid-2000’s and Marriott kept my status Platinum even when my nights were  significant less than 75 for multiple years.

Good to know that Marriott Bonvoy has at least for 2019 offered soft landings for program members. Let’s hope that this continues in 2020.