Hilton Honors: Your Diamond Status Has Been Extended-Emails


Hilton Honors has been sending out emails over the past couple of days for those members that have not qualified for status, whose status has been extended and members that have qualified based on stays, nights or through credit card.

Hilton Honors Your Diamond Status Has Been Extended

Members have reported issues that they have had this year due to status being suddenly downgraded for no reason due to IT “issues” (read more here and here).

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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It is unclear why Hilton Honors is sending this same email to members that have QUALIFIED for the status? The word EXTENDED is usually used when hotel or airline programs allows one to keep the status without meeting one of the qualification requirements.


The wording that Hilton Honors uses here is weird almost implying that they are doing me a favor by extending the status when in fact I have qualified both on stays and nights.

Perhaps their new loyalty program system is unable to distinguish between members who have qualified and who have merely been extended and just sends out the same email?