Whine Wednesday: Non-Working (Or Non-Existing) Guest Floor Phones At Hotels

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Our Whine Wednesday topic this week is about the Guest Floor Phones at hotels which often times don’t exist and other times don’t work at all.

Guests rarely need to use these phones, but if they do then it’s usually for situations like the room key doesn’t work and requires a new coding.

Many hotels nowadays have eliminated the floor phones so whenever there is a problem, such as after leaving the check-in desk and the room key doesn’t work, it requires the guest to then go all the way back down to the front desk.

I had one such case last week and the guest floor phone at a hotel in Tokyo was in fact dead. In this case – being in Japan – I left the baggage in the hall (in front of the room) to get a new key made downstairs. I probably wouldn’t recommend that in most other countries in the world, but it was simply too much stuff to take it down just to get a new key made.

There are also cases where guests lock themselves out of the room, for example when using the floors ice or vending machine, often in unflattering clothing. A functioning floor phone would help to discretely getting a new key or allow an employee with a master key to come up without having to show up at the front desk in a bathrobe.


In my opinion each hotel should have a functioning telephone with direct line to the front desk on each floor. To make it easily accessible for all, the ideal location would be around the elevator area. Hotels should pay more attention maintenance wise as well, to make sure the phones are operational.

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