British Airways Celebrates The 50,000th Customer Flight On Their Retro Livery Jets, Lining Up Heritage Fleet At Heathrow


To mark a special occasion British Airways lined up all four of its retro livery jets at London Heathrow yesterday to celebrate a milestone for their four heritage aircraft fleet: The 50,000th customer flying them within the last two months!

This event celebrated the four specially painted aircraft in iconic designs which were introduced into the fleet over the course of February and March of this year.

The aircraft have become a big hit with aviation enthusiasts worldwide and a favorite to take a picture of/with. Social media is full with snaps of one of the four aircraft and it appears the BOAC livery is many peoples favorite.

You can access BA’s media statement in their press center here:

British Airways has, for the first time today, brought together its four heritage liveried aircraft which were repainted to mark the airline’s centenary this year, alongside an A319 in the current Chatham Dockyard livery, to capture a rare image of some of the airline’s most iconic designs together.

The photos captured today also mark the fact that 50,000 customers have already flown around the globe on the four heritage liveries since they re-joined the fleet, with the Boeing 747s having travelled to destinations such as New York, Cape Town, Dubai and Lagos, while the BEA liveried Airbus A319 has flown far and wide across the airlines’ UK and European network to cities including Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Milan, Zurich and Amsterdam.

Alex Cruz, British Airways’ Chairman and CEO, said: “The excitement and pride that we’ve witnessed from customers and colleagues as these heritage liveries, which we painted to mark our centenary, have flown around the globe has been unparalleled. …

To capture the photo, the four heritage aircraft, which were in scheduled downtime and parked at the airline’s engineering base, were lined up alongside an aircraft with the current Chatham Dockyard design.

The painstaking process of arranging them for the photo took over two (careful) hours.

Four aircraft transporting 50,000 passengers within just two months gives you a good idea about the volume of passengers a big airline lifts every year (all puns intended).

British Airways BEA, BOAC, Negus, Chatam Dockyard and Landor liveried aircraft at Engineering, London heathrow on 09 April 2019
(Picture by Nick Morrish/British Airways)

The BOAC is indeed a beauty. Simple and elegant for a 747. But maybe some of you fancy the original BA livery?

Really hard to decide which of the four liveries are my personal favorite but it’s definitely one of the 747s.


BA is really pulling out all the stops this year including this special aircraft series to mark British Airways’ centenary. The BA100 program throughout 2019 is extensive including the new Business and First Class rollout. Hopefully this will be the beginning of better times as the once proud carrier has really suffered over the years, becoming a shadow of it’s former self.

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