$3K Or 300K Miles To Elevate American Airlines Status?


American Airlines has sent out offers this week for members to elevate their AAdvantage status for cash or miles with a deadline of today.

American Airlines AAdvantage Elevate Status

Member that forwarded us the offer had been offered an opportunity to elevate Platinum Pro to Executive Platinum through February 2020 for either $2,995 in cash or 299,500 AAdvantage miles.

You can access AA’s page for this offer here.

Here are the Executive Platinum benefits over Platinum Pro

American Airlines AAdvantage Elevate Status Benefits

Executive Platinum members are eligible for complimentary upgrades instead of using stickers on eligible routes, higher mileage bonus + four systemwide upgrades.


Executive Platinum is nice to have but definitely not worth 300K AAdvantage miles or $3K in cash over Platinum Pro. The fair price would have been one third to perhaps 40% what AA here is asking for.