InterContinental Ambassador Free Weekend Night Certificate Link (Check Rates Before Buying)

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IHG Rewards Club was supposed to make InterContinental Free Weekend Night-certificates electronic but apparently this change has not taken place yet as they are still sending out paper ones.

InterContinental Ambassador Benefits

InterContinental has always made checking the free weekend night price quite difficult. You need to log into your Ambassador account and then follow few links. You can, however, check the prices using the link below and decide whether signing up for the Ambassador program makes sense for you if you are not already a member.

You can access InterContinental’s web page for Ambassador program here.

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IHG Rewards Club Ambassador Booking Link U

The link that InterContinental refers you to go to book the 2-4-1 rate is You can, however, use this link. No logging in to your IHG Rewards Club/Ambassador account is required.

Here are things to consider:

  • When searching for the free weekend night rates, remember that they are only valid for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in the west and Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the Middle East.
  • Although the certificate should only be used for standard accommodations, there are many hotels that have loaded this rate plan for higher category rooms and suites too.
  • The online booking system gives you the price for each of the nights separate, but the hotel will only charge for the first night. The second night is free.
  • You can book this rate even before your have purchased the Ambassador membership to lock in savings, but remember that it can take 2 to 8 weeks to get the membership package with the voucher to arrive. You absolutely need to turn in the voucher at the time of checking in.
  • The Ambassador free weekend night rates are based on best flexible rates and usually cancelable until day of arrival, although always check the rate rules.
  • If you tend to pay for suites at InterContinental hotels, you can have some significant savings by signing up for the Ambassador program and using the free weekend night voucher.

Here is search for free weekend night rate in Singapore


If you book base level rooms, you don’t get the second night free because the “Free Night” is based on the Best Flexible rate. Many hotels are offering discounted rates over the weekend and you cannot apply the Ambassador free weekend night voucher towards them.

This is especially a good deal if you tend to book premium suites at any of these properties. You can easily save the $200 sign up fee most of the time in just one stay.

The certificate states that it is not available for suites. Many properties have this rate plan loaded for them as well, however.