Reader Email: United Decides MileagePlus Purchase Fraudulent & Closes Account?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us an email about a piece we had earlier this month about how United MileagePlus had decided that the buyer’s behavior was fraudulent.

United Airlines

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You can access United’s page for buying miles here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

Just to inform you that a while ago I bought miles the way it is recommended in this post: booked ticket on Expedia, purchased the miles then cancelled the ticket using the 24h window, but United’s Mileage Plus decided it was fraud to do so, and immediately canceled by Mileage Plus account and offered no appeal possibility; ie.: they didn’t give me the chance to explain myself or challenge their decision.

Fabulous Fridays: United Mileage Plus Award Accelerator – Buying Discounted Miles During (Refundable) Ticket Purchase

The method that Sebastian described on his piece and what I had covered few years ago was that United allows you to purchase both award and premier qualifying miles for all of its tickets even before the flight is flown including awards on partners. You can later cancel the flight but United won’t reverse this second transaction.

It seems now, based on this reader’s email, that you should not do this unless you have an established account with flying and other activity.


You can always buy United MileagePlus miles at a discount or with bonus throughout the year when they have sale going on.

It is likely cheaper to buy small number of miles using the method that Sebastian described on this piece BUT you should not do it unless you have an established account.

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