Avianca LifeMiles Adjusts Mileage Requirements For Intra-U.S. Awards From July 15th, 2019

Avianca LifeMiles just published an announcement on their website that the program is going to adjust the mileage requirement for intra-US flight awards effective July 15th, 2019.

The changes affect new redemptions beyond July 15th of 2019, but you can still redeem flights at current levels for a future date as long as the ticketing occurs before the July 15th date.

This isn’t just an increase in price, some awards will actually be cheaper while other rise slightly in price so, depending for what kind of redemptions the member usually redeems, it could also be a positive change.

From the announcement on the LifeMiles website I take that this impacts only flights within the U.S. and not any transborder flights between Canada and the U.S. so, based on that, the only carrier affected is United Airlines as it is the only Star Alliance carrier that operates domestic U.S. flights.

Here is the example chart that Lifemiles put out:

You can’t really call this a dynamic pricing model since it’s just a fix distance based system but Lifemiles is tweaking the numbers a little.

Short haul flights will decrease a little while the transcons increase a bit. Nothing dramatic though, it’s not a noteworthy devaluation of the domestic awards.


Is it worth it for Lifemiles to move award levels around? Possibly, depending on the number of redemptions they have for domestic trips and the cost levied for them by the operating carrier. If most people redeem for more expensive transcon flights then there is a motivation for the program to adjust levels to that route type.

It is highly possible that other regions are up for adjustments as well at some point but so far only the U.S. award chart has been impacted.

Lifemiles published some Terms & Conditions in conjunction with these changes:

The table contains the required miles and fees to redeem air tickets within the United States valid from July 15th, 2019. This table shows the mileage required for one-way tickets, in the lowest class in each cabin and only for the “Economy on Sale” Product.

The referenced charts shows only the mileages that will be modified. To know the amount of miles required for the redemption of ticket in routes not included, you must make the quotation through the redemption system in

To know the exact amount of required miles for each origin and destination for other redemption products/classes, you need to consult the miles amount through the redemption system at

The amounts listed by the redemption system shall prevail over those shown on the table above.

The mileage showed does not apply to flights that include stop-overs.

LifeMiles reserves the right to modify the redemption mileages at any time.

LifeMiles is a registered trademark of LifeMiles LTD.

LifeMiles terms and conditions apply, available at

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