Fraudster Cleaning Out Hilton Honors Accounts Via Amazon


Hilton Honors launched a partnership with Amazon back in 2017 (read more here) that allows members to link accounts and use points for purchases.

Hilton Honors Amazon

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been an increasing number of reports that account balances were fraudulently drained for Amazon purchases.

You can access Hilton’s page for Amazon partnership here.

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The scammers basically link compromised Hilton Honors account to Amazon and use all the points for purchases (and at a terrible value). Members may get a note that their email address on file with Hilton Honors has been updated (so that they won’t get notices about point deductions).

Here’s statement that we received from the Hilton spokesperson:

Hilton Honors has the appropriate security and fraud protection measures in place, and we count on our partners to do the same. If one of our members notices suspicious activity on their account, we encourage them to contact us immediately (1-800-548-8690 or Our team’s normal approach is to investigate a customer report, then reset or recreate that account. In a situation where an individual is missing Points, they will be made whole.


There is certainly something fishy going on at the moment, because of the significant spike in the number of fraudulent reports we have seen recently.

Not sure about methods that these hackers use to gain access of one’s Hilton Honors account? Are members recycling passwords across number of loyalty programs?

I certainly hope that Hilton Honors is able to figure out what is going on and end this, although they do promise to make member’s accounts whole.