Reader Question: Jet Airways Demise (Rebookings)

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question regarding a KLM issued ticket from Los Angeles to Bangkok that includes two segments on now grounded Jet Airways.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I took advantage of a Airfare of the Day and got a great deal on a Business class RT Lax/ BKK flight on KLM for $2000. It goes thru AMS, but at that price, who cares.

KLM booked the first 2 legs of the return trip on Jet Airways. I called KLM, and they said they would rebook me, but since my flight isn’t till Dec, it won’t be for awhile. Is KLM obligated to get me a new flight (since they made this booking) and how long should I wait to start nagging them about it?

Readers whose tickets with Jet airways flights have been issued on 589-ticket stock (check your eticket number) ought to be worried as they are likely already worthless.

Those that have tickets issued on other airlines’ ticket stock are safe. The ticketing airline is responsible to deal with Jet’s canceled flights and rebook affected passengers.

KLM may wait to rebook the reader, but ultimately they are responsible for dealingwith the mess that Jet Airways left behind.


Not sure if Delta still issues KLM tickets, at least those booked on OTA’s, in the United States?

The first three digits of the eticket number reveal the airline who was the issuing carrier. It usually is, although not always, the airline that transport the passengers from one IATA area to another.

It is probably better to deal with these Jet Airways issues sooner rather than later. It is unlikely that the airline in its current form would ever have a restart.