Hyatt Credit Card By Chase With An Improved 3500 Points Card Upgrade Offer (Spend Requirement Applies)

World of Hyatt and JP Morgan Chase unveiled the new Hyatt Credit Card in July of 2018 and now there is improved upgrade offer page available to those who hold the old version of the card.

The improved upgrade offer is available on a temporary basis and has a spend requirement of $1500 to be completed by June 30th 2019.

Having the Hyatt Visa Card has always been a nice deal as the annual free night alone is worth much more than the $75 annual fee (old version) or the $95 of the new version that comes with enhanced benefits.

The standard upgrade offer for this card is 2000 points – a really meager offer especially in the light of Chase considering the new card an entirely different product and one could cancel the old card, wait a month and then re-apply for the new card. Since Chase changed this card to being subject to their 5/24 rule this could be a hindrance though and of course there is never a 100% guarantee that Chase would actually approve someone again in which case the member would have lost the card without replacement.

Upgrading the card is a safe bet however and you’d not run into any suck risks.

You can access the Chase landing page for the card upgrade here.

Doctor of Credit had a post this week where they reported that chase is sending out the updated upgrade offers.

The standard upgrade offer has no spend requirement so this one with 1500 extra points requires you to spend $1500 in the next two months. If you spend the money either way then fine, I’d do it but overall I’m not a fan of offers that require someone to spend a certain amount of money in a short period. Many if not most credit cards now require new applicants to spend up to $5000 to receive the welcome bonus. That’s not pocket change!

In my previous article about the new World of Hyatt Visa Card I already outlined all the new features appear to be more profitable to cardholders compared to the current/previous card.

The lady who helped me with the upgrade mentioned that the upgrade would be active within 2-3 days and a new card would be sent out. I specifically asked again about my annual card member anniversary night and she said nothing would change and I received my annual free night two weeks ago at the original membership anniversary.

The five qualifying nights also posted very fast following the upgrade, it took them just a few days.


The 2000 or in this case 3500 points upgrade bonus aren’t really worth much. The only reason why I did the upgrade last year is to get the extra 5 nights.

I consider this card to be very valuable for multiple reasons outlines in my original article but mainly for the 5 qualifying nights plus 2 more for each $5k spend (I already earned 4 qualifying nights this year and 6 in 2018).

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