Compensation Clinic: Hilton Hurghada Plaza Reopening Delayed (Award Reservation Not Honored)


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a Compensation Clinic-case for an unhonored award reservation at Hilton Hurghada Plaza, which is undergoing renovations.

Hilton Hurghada Plaza

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You can access Hilton Hurghada Plaza’s website here.

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Here’s original email from the reader:

1. I booked the Hilton Hurghada Plaza six months ago and the hotel is cancelling my reservation, citing the reason that renovation will not be completed on time.

2. This has caused me great stress as I am left without a hotel for the holiday. Hilton has rejected my proposed request of transferring the existing booking to the nearby Hilton Hurghada Resort at no additional cost to me.

3. I have written to Hilton Guest Assistance and Twitter team but no one is able to do anything. Would you be able to offer some advice? Thanks.

The reader forwarded us number of emails between with him and Hilton Honors customer service and also a transcript of a chat session.

Here’s the premise of the claim:

I booked the Hilton Hurghada Plaza 6 months ago and the hotel is cancelling my booking in Aug 2019 it because it is unable to honour the reservation. The hotel cited the reason that renovation will not be completed on time.

The rates to book another hotel has risen significantly and it now cost 36,000 points a night for a standard room at the nearest Hilton Hurghada Resort. The mininum I should be compensated for is at least 160,000 points to allow me to rebook the lowest room category at the next nearest Hilton Hurghada Resort.

I sincerely hope for a favorable outcome as the cancellation of the booking was the fault of the hotel and not the customer. Thanks.

It is understandable that the reader is neither happy not satisfied when the customer service is trying to brush this thing off.

And here’s an update:

Hilton eventually compensated me with a one night “be my guest” certificate, and I am satisfied with the outcome.


Not sure why the Hilton Honors didn’t just reaccomondate the reader at one of their other property per the request? I doubt that the cost to the Hilton would have been excessive.

The Be My Guest-certificate is a reasonable outcome. The reader can just book a standard room (best flexible rate) at any Hilton property and just hand it in as a payment. The savings can be substantial.

You should always be careful when booking an award for an unopened hotel or one that is temporarily closed for renovations. These tend to get delayed often.

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