Whine Wednesdays: Delayed Boarding & Inaccurate Information At The Airline Lounge


It’s another Whine Wednesday and this week the objective is to shine light on the issue with delayed boarding and related inaccurate information provided by lounge staff.

Boarding delays are very common but in that case the gate should inform the lounges or properly enter a boarding delay into the system so passengers don’t wait around for nothing.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and even when asked the lounge staff send people to the gate based on the original published boarding time, leading to an unnecessarily congested gate area and of course wasted time.

Monitors the lounge often show departure times and possible delays but no boarding information. I made it a habit to ask the staff before I leave if there are any delays in boarding or if the flight will be leaving and boarding on time as indicated.

Almost no better example for such cases other than Lufthansa. I think I didn’t have a single Lufthansa flight in the last 3 years that had an on time boarding, especially from Frankfurt. As such, when I had a flight to Bangkok this week I again inquired with the staff at the Senator Lounge about the boarding situation. The answer was “they started boarding already” so I made my way to the gate (B24) just to find that nothing had happened so far, everyone just standing around.

Why would the lounge staff just make up stories and send the passenger on the way without the need to do so? There is a Business Lounge opposite of B24 in Frankfurt, so I went up there for another 15 minutes. Nevertheless it’s annoying!


Usually I try to be among the last passengers on board as long as I’m in a cabin with ample overhead space (First, Business, Premium Economy) so there’s no rush. Better to relax at the lounge a bit longer.

Not sure why it’s always the same airlines who can’t seem to get this right. Lufthansa is one of the worst offenders, British Airways is another one. At least with BA they often call the gate and ask when boarding actually begins so I give them credit for that. Galleries First is quite far away from the B/C gates though so better to get accurate information.

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