Fabulous Fridays: Lufthansa Premium Economy Upgrades Via Plusgrade Bidding – Minimum Bid Successful

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It’s another Fabulous Friday and this week we’re going to have a look at very affordable Lufthansa Premium Economy Upgrades available through the Plusgrade Upgrade Bidding process.

Lufthansa offers a variety of cash upgrade options ranging from the bidding process to pre-confirmed upgrades on the website (expensive) to onboard upgrades (rarely worth it).

This month I purchased a revenue ticket between Frankfurt and Bangkok and chose Economy Class on Lufthansa because the price of 409 Euro round trip was simply too cheap to pass on. With a price this low, it’s not even worth it to use miles if you factor in the mileage value properly and if the price is right I have no problems booking Economy especially if I have status with the respective airline/alliance.

After booking, several upgrade options were on the Lufthansa website.

Confirmed upgrades to Premium Economy / Business Class:

And also the popular Plusgrade Upgrade Bidding option:

As you can see the difference between the confirmed upgrade for 700 Euro and the bidding where the minimum bid is 230 Euro is quite big.

I decided to do the absolute minimum bid on this trip as I checked on Expertflyer and there were still 7 seats on sale.

The upgrade was accepted 72 hours prior to departure:

I was actually informed of this by an authorization message from American Express and subsequently checking right away on the Lufthansa website, allowing me to select the last remaining non-center seat in the cabin. The actual confirmation email from Plusgrade didn’t arrive until a day later, which is a bit strange.

The great thing about these upgrades on Lufthansa using Plusgrade is that your ticket will be reissued into a higher booking class for which you also earn miles in a different, higher value class.

Be careful with the confirmed upgrades on the LH website, because the do not always adjust your class to a higher value one but always to the saver class of the next higher cabin.

For example if you have a full flex Y booking and buy a confirmed upgrade you will be placed in N for Premium Economy and P for Business. This will let you end up with less miles than staying in full Y (depending on the program you collect with). Plusgrade would upgrade you to E for Premium Economy and Z for Business.

Having a discount Economy ticket in K class however is a great advantage when upgrading as you end up in the saver classes for Premium Economy (N) or Business (P) so that earns a lot more miles.


I’ve taken advantage of this upgrade bidding on Lufthansa many times now and have always been successful with close to the minimum bid required. The extra miles alone usually make it worth it and the Premium Economy product on Lufthansa is pretty comfortable.

With the initial price I paid for the Economy ticket and subsequent upgrades it’s still an overall great deal. You should however always check out how much it would cost to book Premium Economy straight away which in this case would have been 1,400 Euro round trip.

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